Gorilla Maker

Think Bigger, Think Professional

From a very early age, Glenn Warner had a drive to understand what made things tick, how he could make things tick better and what came after the ticking no longer fit the demand. Growing up at a time that saw the dawn of the tech revolution, Glenn had a particular fascination for robotics and tinkered with anything he could get his hands on. This inquisitive nature set the course for his formative years.

Having worked up the ranks of a Fortune 500 company for over a decade, Glenn ultimately found “big business” lacking. As a firmly established Information Technologies expert, among other things, he struck out on his own and established American Computer Solutions. With a standard for providing the very best solutions for his clients needs, with the very best customer service from a boutique firm, ACS took root, grew and thrives today.

Always seeking the next challenge, Glenn knew there was more to be done. Seeing the unlimited potential and endless capabilities in a barely tapped industry, Glenn dove headlong into 3D printing and thus GorillaMaker was born.

3D printing is still in its infancy and GorillaMaker is in it for the long haul. Testing the limits, creating new applications, mediums, wherever the technology goes, you can be sure GorillaMaker, and the Zookeeper, will be charging ahead.